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E. Bugra Balci

IBM, AT&T, InVision, NASA, Yamaha awarded Turkish virtuoso bassist and composer.

Detailed Biography

Balcı began playing bass guitar at the age of 17 and he was awarded Yamaha Best Bassist Award in 2008. Moved New York in 2010. Attended music schools with scholarships. Authored a best-seller The Virtuoso Bassist Etudes in this category. Release his debut album titled, “With, Myself” under 22 Records International [a collection of modern piano synthesizers compositions in classical approach] and followed by the second album, “New York Collection” [an improvisation album with Robert Schoosleitner on drums]. His third album, “Bugra Balci plays Bach” was released in early June, 2017 under Muovo, sub-label of Sekiz Muzik Yapım. In this work, Balcı plays J.S. Bach’s cello suites on electric bass, which style may well be depicted as a new musical dimension of classical basis. In 2018, Balci released two contemporary albums. He plays the piano and synthesizers on "Gizem", synthesizers and bass guitar on "New Consolidation". Op.1, 20, 13, 46 that are some of the classical compositions of Balcı which were premiered in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Bugra Balci has performed with numerous world-class names such as Marko Djordjevic (drums: Matthew Garrison, Wayne Krantz), Alessandro Sgobbio (Umbria Jazz Awarded artist, Official Yamaha demonstrator), Alex Alexander (drums: Dido, Eminem), Keita Ogawa (percussion: Snarky Puppy), Vinx De’Jon Parrette (percussion: Sting) from Turkey, Europe, and from the U.S.

The music schools Bugra Balcı attended: Italy Siena Jazz (With scholarship), Berklee College of Music (With scholarship), The Collective School of Music (With scholarship), The Collective School of Music (With Scholarship), NHBF (With scholarship), Queens College Master Program.

Endorsements: Yamaha Pianos (by the sponsorship of Doremusic), Aguilar Amplifications, Muharrem Nalbant and Ken Smith handmade bass guitars.

Besides Balci’s music career he had met computers in early 1990’s at his family’s company where he experienced MS-DOS. New York (2010) besides his music career Balcı decided to improve his technology knowledge and attended General Assembly to study with David Lifson who is a former product manager at Amazon on entrepreneurship and product management. For a short period of time Balcı attended Datapipe as a manager ($110M+ in revenue) for Microsoft Azure implementation. Balcı, cofounded Dowse which was a studio search engine, Redcurtain which was a story sharing platform, FutbolSevenler which was an idea sharing and networking platform for who is interested in soccer.

Besides Balcı’s music career he was the former advisor of a Wall Street company Ezetech which is an MVP launch company who built Swag which is used by Facebook. Balcı received honorary awards from IBM, InVision, and NASA for the projects that he has done in the technology field.

In 2012, Balcı acted in a short movie that was screened at New York Film Academy, directed by Maya Sharpe and in 2014, authored a poetry book in English.