Kim Plainfield embarked on a solo career in 1993 and has since been touring Europe as a leader, at least twice a year, to ever increasing audiences and superb press reviews. His groups have included world class musicians such as Lincoln Goines, Bill O’Connell, Didier Lockwood, Mark Soskin and Tom Kennedy. He toured extensively in the US, Europe, Central America, South America, The Caribbean and the Far East. Additional performance and recording credits include Jon Lucien, Andy Narell, John Pattitucci, Kenny Rankin, Jacques Higelin, Charles Fambrough, Edgar Winter and Mose Allison.

How did you decide to be a musician?

You know. I play drums so young. Very very young and I never stop doing it and it just like a natural revolution. It fell into place in that way. I tried to be as diversified as I could when I was high school in terms of science, athletics and also English and nothing appealed to me.

There was any influencer in your life?

There was no musician in my family but I used to have very inspirational teachers. My biggest mentor wasn’t drummer. He was a piano player. I would say he did the most mentoring for me as comparing to any other musician. He was older than me and had many experiences. So he just got me!

How do you put your band together?

People just I played with before. Not all the time actually. But if I’m the band leader it happens in this way.

How do you find the right recording studio?

Studio has to have a nice space, good sound. It has to have enough isolated rooms. If you are in the music scene and if you don’t know Avatar studio then something must be wrong with you.

What’s the biggest problem in the music industry?

There is no recording industry any more. This is the biggest tragedy. Younger generation claimed that thing “music should be free”. I can’t believe it. How can you sustain something without making money with?

What’s your solution?

You have a bank card. You can get this card to go a mountain and you can get this money with that card. You are the only person who can do it right? Nobody else can do it. Government can put “hold” but can’t get your money? I asked this question so many times and nobody gave me an answer. When you get a song you can make copies as much as you want. Why? Why people are be able to do it? That drives me crazy. We can solve this with better encryption. When iTunes first came put. I wanted to send a song to my friend. I needed to do it as an educational purpose. In iTunes if I wanted to do that I had to take to the song I had to burn in a CD and insert again then I could break the encryption. iTunes eliminated all that. All you do is that convert from CD to MP3 and that’s ready. They did that to be a little bit more competitive.

Another tragedy is Spotify. They should be arrested. It should be eliminated. Do you know how much they pay to musicians? It’s like %0.0001.

How important networking with other musicians?

Usually in a club. I go to see them or they come to see me. I don’t do it but I know people they carry their CD to give others like a business card.

Is there any new generation musician you discovered lately?

There are many great ones. There are many great ones like Tigran Hamasyan, Snarky Puppy.

How do you discover new names in music scene?

I hear the names from my students. They keep me current.

Where do you think music is heading?

The stuff is happening with technology is a lot. All those things like sequencing, instruments and others are I mean intensive. There is lots of odd times and it will be more.

Do you think there will be no Jazz in the future?

I don’t think people are tired of hearing it. I don’t think people will be tired of hearing it. It’s just getting modified. Changing is happening.